Brief History of the Bidet

In 1710 the first written reference was made to a unique piece of furniture nicknamed a bidet , which is the French word for ‘pony’. This moniker was chosen because of the manner in which the bidet was straddled, like riding a horse. The exact date and specific inventor are disputed, only its origins in France are certain.

But by the mid-18th century, the bidet was in common use and by the turn of the century it had moved from the bedroom into the bathroom, along with the chamber pot. The design improved as indoor plumbing was introduced and in 1960 an integrated electronic bidet was developed, for those spaces lacking room for a separate bidet and toilet unit.

Since 2001, Bidet International Inc. . has specialized in bidets. Their Royal Fresh Bidet is an inexpensive, compact bidet perfect for any bathroom. It’s integrated design does not need extra floor space making it a perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. Bidet International Inc. has provided quality products and services to thousands of customers world-wide, making it a name you can trust.

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