Why Bidets Help Elderly People, the Disabled, and the Obese

Are you stuck caring for someone who can’t clean themselves?  I am talking mostly about old wrinkly folks, people with legitimate physical disabilities, and the grotesquely obese.  These people may have difficulty wiping themselves, which can make toilet paper the enemy instead of the trusted ally it has become to the rest of us.

Well, good news is coming your way, because a bidet can be the answer to your diaper changing prayers.

How the Bidet Can Help Extremely Old People

If Grandpa just can’t get his fingers far enough between his wrinkly buttocks to clean the nasty that has developed there over the last week, then it might be about time to change how he cleans himself.  Make him sit over a bidet and give him a thorough washing, adjusting his position in forty five degree intervals, or until appropriately cleansed.   I highly advise that you talk with your physician before using a bidet on the unsuspecting old person in your life.  In fact, always consult your physician before taking anyone’s advice, and particularly before doing anything I tell you to do.

Why Physically Disabled People Love It Bidet Style

If you know someone with some kind of crippling disability, for instance if they have no arms, then a bidet may be the answer for you.  You can easily fit in bidet time in between physical therapy assignments, for instance during leg lifts.  Physically disabled people do not have the full capacity of motion that other people do, which is one thing that can help bidets keep them so very shiny.  There is no need for them to apply toilet paper at all, in fact wiping should become obsolete because at a push of a button, your favorite disabled person will have their bottoms deluged with cleansing waters.  You just can’t lose.

Obese People Enjoy a Good Flush Now and Then

OK, confession time: my uncle Rick is enormously obese, wearing 9XL shorts and typically a Hawaiian print shirt that looks more like a tablecloth than a t-shirt.  He was born with abnormally short arms which cannot reach far enough into his cavernous buttocks to wipe himself properly with a toilet paper.  For six months I slaved over him, wiping fiercely until he was clean.  Once I discovered the bidet, everything changed.  Uncle Nathan could clean himself – once again, with the press of a button.  He has built up his self confidence and he can now walk in the sunlight again. I will never forget the look on his face when he squeezed out the doorway: his eyes said, “I am a winner.”

The bottom line is that bidets can give not only a really good cleaning to people, but it can also restore a certain amount of independence to those who otherwise are incapable of taking care of themselves.  It’s a beautiful thing to see old people, disabled people, and large and in charge folks living together happily, cleanly, and proudly.

I’ve gone bidet, and I’ll never go back.  You will, too.

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